SunCell – Brilliant Light Power

Hydrino catalyst powers a light-emitting plasma to black-body concentrator cells for industrial thermal power production.

SunCell® Generator System Design, Operation, and Hardware

The SunCell® comprises six fundamental low-maintenance commercially available systems, some having no moving parts and capable of operating for a decade or more: (i) a start-up inductively coupled heater to first melt silver; (ii) a gas injector to inject hydrogen derived from water and an injection system comprising an electromagnetic pump to inject molten silver and a very stable solid source of oxygen that reacts with the hydrogen to form the hydrogen to hydrino catalyst; (iii) an ignition system to produce a low-voltage, high current flow across a pair of electrodes into which the molten metal and fuel are injected to form a brilliant light-emitting plasma; (iv) a blackbody radiator heated to incandescent temperature by the plasma; (v) a light to electricity converter comprising so-called concentrator photovoltaic cells that receive light from the blackbody radiator and operate at light intensity of over one thousand Suns; and (vi) a fuel recovery and a thermal management system that causes the molten metal to return to the injection system following ignition.

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