Inertial Impact Identity

Introducing the Inertial Impact Identity

A scientific way to identify a system by being a proponent within an overall medium.

Causality with directivity.

The Inertial Impact Identity is designed, so any future system cause is proportioned from the laws of nature with the golden ratio identified as: [A is to B as B is to C, that A = Jurisprudence, B = Inertial Impact Identity, C = Open Source Civilian Control of The United States of America Civilian Directive Record].

Golden Ratio Proportion:


A = Jurisprudence

(1.) the science or philosophy of law;

(2a.) a system or body of law;

(2b.) the course of court decisions as distinguished from legislation and doctrine

(3.) the department of law.

B = Inertial Impact Identity

– Civilian Name

– Oath Record

– Induction Sequence Number

– Open Source Civilian Control Causal-Mechanical Edifice

– Terms for the Directivity of Time

– Date issued

– Civilian Directive Identification

C = Open Source Citizen Control of The United States of America Citizen Directive Record

1. Mobilized Point Coordinate