‘Vail Baby’ — A Reality TV Show in Vail/Eagle/Garfield/Pitkin/Summit/Teller County STARRING Taylor Joseph Gardarian

'Vail Baby' — A Reality TV Show in Vail/Eagle/Garfield/Pitkin/Summit County STARRING Taylor Joseph Gardarian

There is something enigmatic from nature that the Vail Baby needs to control—something involving time.

The Reality TV Show based in Eagle/Garfield/Pitkin/Summit County, Vail Village and Old Town Eagle.

Time is revealed to Taylor Joseph Gardarian as he discovers a hidden secret, within history, including inertial freedom in America—A deeply controllable legacy from 'the true' Founders.

Involving a Torsion Spiral and Torsion Sheer with a Post-War surrender/Corporate Fascism 'Oath twist'.

The real world is not safe until Taylor's future is safe.

Find reality in a paragliding experience of what isn't seen—until now.