Terms for the Directivity of Time

Terms for The Directivity of Time

Terms of essence, nature, substance or underlying medium; Essence, nature, substance –> Causal Induction Sequence; Constitutional Rights and Prosperity; Physical Laws; Jurisdictional Laws and Prosperity;

Terms of equilibrium or non-composition; simplicity, simplification; –> Constitutional Oath with Edifice—Definition for Time; Jurisprudential Honorable Law;

Terms of Operation, Power, Cause, Natural Attribute or Property; Energy/operation, power, natural attribute, reason of nature, spermatic reason/logos, logos in the mind of god/undifferentiated reason/logos, etc. –> Jurisprudential System Cycle; Fundamental forces of nature; Causal Threshold Level; Constitutional Rights and Prosperity; Jurisdictional Laws;

Terms of Composition, Results, Effects; Emanatory reason/logos, etc. –> Contracts; Causal Threshold Level; System Cycle Capacity;

Terms of Emanation, Mapping; Emanation, emanatory reason/logos, etc. –> Property Rights and/or License; System Location Coordinates;

Terms of Return, or the “Reverse Engineering” of the Medium; Turn/Return, etc. –> Governmental Endorsement; System Dominance

Terms of Temporality, the “Directivity of Time” –> Participation Threshold