Oath Mirror and STORE

Oath Mirror


The oath mirror.

When two first surface mirrors are aligned and observed at a 90-degree angle, the reflection is not reversed!  Visual observations are naturally designed to be from your eyes away from your body—observation appears from the location of the Oath Mirror when looking at the mirror.


Custom Neck Tie


Choice of the (1.) OSCC Logo (Black or White); –> AVAILABLE SOON: (2.) Preamble to the Declaration of Independence; (3.) Preamble to the Constitution of The United States of America; (4.) Preamble to the Constitution of The State of Colorado.


Rock Water Fountain


Unique hand made rock water fountain.  The rock is from Officer’s Gulch in Summit County.


Padded Eye Shade with OSCC Logo


Padded eye shade with the OSCC logo.  Comfortingly soft.