Colorado State Issued Thorium Coin

Constitutional Currency - Colorado State Issued Thorium Coin

Thorium is a heavy metal and a fertile nuclear fuel that is not harmfully radioactive when held in one’s hand.

A rule of thumb in nuclear engineering is that the fission of one gram of actinides results in 1 “megawatt-day” of heat energy.  A megawatt-day (abbreviated as MWd) is equivalent to 24,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh).  At current market rates*, the energy in a gram of thorium is worth: $2,394!

*August 1st, 2015 energy rate from Holy Cross Energy is: $0.09975 per kWh (for basic residential –>

So, if thorium’s value were derived from its potential energy–at current market rates it would cost: $67,845.96 per oz.

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