About Us

About Us

Our Mission:

OSCC provides an environment to learn about and declare Oath(s) upholding the Constitution of the State of Colorado and Constitution of The United States of America with a Causal-Mechanical Edifice.

Quality of Our Effort and Vision:

Create a cause from an equal station in nature characterized by trust, organization and governance that attracts and retains the highest quality systems possible.
Open Source system data sets created to promote highest and best use, trust, Protectorate Agreements, Promotion of Citizen Directives, and Resultant System quality.
An operating style for an inertial impact proportion. Every Citizen has an asymmetric force density proportional to accomplish an increase toward a causal-exchange sequence for a jurisprudential future system.
Citizen Oaths satisfy our Constitution. System's Inertial Impact Proportion is the metric to improve future results.

Open Source and Internal Tasks:

Open Source Citizen Control searches historical system cycle functions to find 'Citizen-Grade' jurisprudential systems.
In other words, we organize Citizens with a highest and best usable system, to create a future system proportional to its cause.

What could OSCC USA do for me?

From a self-evident Citizen, Open Source Citizen Control coordinates a ‘causal experience’ yielding a comparison of a ‘Historical Moment’ with a ‘Citizen-Grade System Cycle’ as functional ‘Terms for the Directivity of Time‘.

 OSCC encodes the terms to an ‘Inertial Impact Identity Card‘ and issues cards to Citizens participating in the Citizen Directive.  Every Citizen participation increases the overall ‘Citizen Directive Criticality or Threshold Level’.

The Terms for the Directivity of Time are achieved to universal equilibrium conditions by entering the systems of elementary mechanics of isolated processes as is lawfully permissible in Eagle County, Colorado and the United States of America with The Citizen Directive Protectorate.

Nature and the Citizen are Self-Evident—the Citizen so with an Oath.

Oaths identify Terms for the Directivity of Time.

Oaths are acoustically coherent and legally effective.

Upon Oath a 3-D cardioid is graphed to increase an adopted causal threshold symbolizing the OSCC coordinated causal exhibit from a self-evident Citizen identifying a historical moment comparison with a system cycle function.  This experience yields as an issuance of an Inertial Impact Identity in accordance to the causes with re-occurring and equal frequency.


Nature and the Citizen, then, is one, true, simple, self-contained,
created by God and informed with a certain universal spirit.
Its end and origin are God.
Its unity is also found in God, because God made all things. 
Nature is the one source of all things: nor is anything in 
the world outside Nature, or contrary to Nature.


The Emerald Tablet from The Book of Aquarius (Chapter 13)


Taylor Joseph Gardarian

(Director and Founder)