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Oath Real-World Mobile Counterpart

Citizen Oaths Encode into a Real-World Mobile ‘Causal Coordinate’ to facilitate the achievement of identified resultant system.

—Causal Threshold Criticality Functions are Totaled and the Force Impact is as an Asymmetric Density of the Intensity of Time—

Oath Significance & Citizen Directives

Oaths uphold any State Constitution and the Constitution of The United States of America.

Citizens identify a historical moment with a system cycle function—Terms for the Directivity of Time—to be repeated in the future with a reoccurring and equal frequency proportional to its cause.

Inertial Impact Identity Card

Oath and Future System is Identified on a Holographic Card printed for Each Citizen.

Issue Details: Induction Sequence Number and Golden Ratio Proportion (Containing Terms for the Directivity of Time / System Cycle Function).

Causal-Mechanical Edifice

Oath’s identify something sacred as a sign of verity—Constitutions.

The Edifice for Declaring and Oath is Comprised of Three Axioms.

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How To Become A Member

If you want to become a member post a reply with: 1. Citizen’s Full Name 2. E-Mail Address 3. Citizen Directive You Want To Join

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